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good starting gun?
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Author:  perma1234 [ 21 Jul 2020, 12:21 ]
Post subject:  good starting gun?

is the mares sniper pro a good speargun for around Melbourne and Victoria for targeting squid and possibly kingfish or any other options. thanks.

Author:  Kim [ 02 Sep 2020, 14:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: good starting gun?

You could do worse.
When buying your gear, try and get the best quality gun possible cause your only gonna upgrade in 6 months time.

Author:  Stoj [ 08 Sep 2020, 10:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: good starting gun?

For squid i use a 1m gun. for kingies i have a 1.3m gun. I find the 1.3 is too big for squid in the bay. if you're new to spearing, i recommend getting the 1m and then later on going to a bigger gun for the kingies.

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