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Author:  albundy [ 04 May 2007, 12:55 ]
Post subject:  PORT PHILLIP MARLIN!!!!!!!

From Paul Worsterling's fishing report on Fishnet today...imagine seeing one of these babies when you're diving!


Last week a marlin was spotted in Port Phillip Bay by someone who I consider to be a very reliable and trust worthy source. NOW, DON’T SHOOT ME AS I AM JUST THE MESSENGER. I met with the person who saw the fish free jump three times at very close proximity and have no doubt that he believes he saw a marlin. His mate who was with him saw it too, and between them they have 90 years of fishing experience including blue water. To say they are old salts would be an understatement.

Before you go discounting this notion just take this on board. A Dolphin Fish was caught on the Western side of the bay within the last decade if my memory is correct. On top of that, a marlin weighing 832 pounds (believed to be a blue) was caught in Feb 1938 just off the Mentone pier by a man named Reg who lassoed the fish by the tail. Obviously the fish wasn’t well. But IT WAS A MARLIN and IT WAS IN PORT PHILLIP BAY. Who knows, it is a big deep blue sea.

Author:  ryan mcknight [ 04 May 2007, 13:40 ]
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yes i belive u and also that is true about that guy catching a dolphan fish in poirt phillip bay it was 1988 i saw it in geoff wilsons fishing collem and i must say i was a decent size to mate

they are catching dolphan fish at good sizes of portland is that rare ??

Author:  ryan mcknight [ 04 May 2007, 13:42 ]
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i read that artical just then i collet import fishing articals the dolphan fish was caught off a boat off st leanards 1988 it was not relesed

Author:  albundy [ 04 May 2007, 18:14 ]
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Ryan you had better learn to load the gun, you don't want to be missing marlin because you can't get your rubber back far enough...I myself have always had to pull the rubber back as far as it could go from a very young age so I am used to it !!!!

Author:  jasus [ 18 May 2007, 16:13 ]
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Have seen the picture of the marlin from the early years, I think is was in a book written by a local fisho, may even have been a Jeoff Wilson book (not sure though). It's not that hard to believe, if the bait fish are there so are the preditors ie: the small tuna caught off Portarlington.

Alot of marlin get caught in Tassie every year and that is way down south of us, I heard of them getting caught as far as Hobart in water around 16.5 celcius. Over the passed decade the numbers of stripped marlin have been huge. It may well be that such fish come here yearly when the currents are right and no one knows because no one targets them properly, perhaps Souths fads will give them a place to congregate??? nice thought anyway :lol:

here's a beast from Bicheno in Tassie i think or Snt Helens can't rightly remember :roll:


would be nice to see a few of these chassing the gars off Alcoa :lol:

Author:  conor [ 18 May 2007, 17:16 ]
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Yeah I beleive you albundy,
its pretty cool to hear, imagine seeing one randomly whilst diving, be pretty awesome!

Author:  bellywhacker [ 20 May 2007, 23:46 ]
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There are quite a few tuna caught at eagle hawk neck near Hobart.

Author:  Tim Hrambo [ 30 Mar 2018, 21:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: PORT PHILLIP MARLIN!!!!!!!

Hi folks..
I was doing some googling today and stumbled on this thread. I realise it's 11-odd years old, but thought someone may still be interested, or keeping an eye on it. The story about the marlin caught in the bay by 'Reg' is 100% true. Reg was my grandfather. I have a few pics and newspaper cuttings from the time.
Anyway, just thought I'd chime in, happy fishing..

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