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 Post subject: State titles 2021
PostPosted: 27 Feb 2021, 09:51 
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State titles is only 1 week away! Now that we have a general idea of the weather conditions we’ve put together a list of potential sites. They are...
Kitty Miller Bay (Phillip island)
Pyramid Rock (Phillip island)
Cat bay (Phillip island)
Flinders Blowhole (Mornington Peninsula)
Cape Schanck (Mornington Peninsula)
Koonya Back beach (Mornington Peninsula)
Sorrento Back beach (Mornington Peninsula)

The final dive sites will be nominated on Thursday evening.

We hope to see you all there!


 Post subject: Re: State titles 2021
PostPosted: 02 Mar 2021, 20:12 
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Only 4 more days till the the Victorian State titles.

Adreno has kindly donated 2x$50 Adreno vouchers for a mystery fish and most meritorious fish.

Please have a look over this info pack below and familiarise yourself with the SFD rules.
SFD rules can found at download/file.php?id=8084

BEFCE327-C663-4FD8-9C79-B23967D97A9A.jpeg [ 130.92 KiB | Viewed 242 times ]
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 Post subject: Re: State titles 2021
PostPosted: 04 Mar 2021, 19:16 
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The Victorian State Titles have been called ON for Sunday 7th and Monday 8th March.

Day 1 Sunday 7th - Cape Schanck
Day 2 Monday 8th - Koonya Ocean Beach


 Post subject: Re: State titles 2021
PostPosted: 08 Mar 2021, 11:34 
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Day 1 of state titles was held at Cape Schanck. 17 divers signed in with 16 weighing in. Although the conditions weren’t spectacular everyone agreed that conditions were definitely diveable on both sides. The majority of divers descended the stairs and started out on the western side, some divers made the long swim towards Fingal but were met with dirty water. Fish were present but but it was hard work to find them. Most divers picked up a few as soon as the jumped in then didn’t get anything till the end.
At the halfway mark the tide turned and sucked some people around to the eastern side where they found more fish and clearer water! Nam from Geelong jumped out early to fire up the bbq and feed the masses.

Some interesting fish got weighed in including Chris’s 345g barber perch and Kim’s 470g red cod. Nam shot a jacket that had a hook in it? Couple of nice 3.4kg crays pulled too.

Big shout out to those who helped organise both before and during. Thanks to Nam from Geelong Freedivers for cooking the BBQ.

The scores from Day 1:
Blake Riddle 13 species 1469.95 100%
Kim Adair 12 species 1378.05 93.74%
Rob Torelli 11 species 1251.5 (not SFD member)
Malachi Green 10 species 1125.45 (not SFD member)
Chris Rogers 9 species 1032.05 70.56%
Dean Riddle 9 species 1015.2 69.06%
Marcus Dorf 9 species 1005.6 68.41%
Spencer Gubbins 9 species 982.55 66.84%
Stoj Pavlovski 8 species 910.35 61.93%
Cam Fitzpatrick 6 species 677.2 46.06%
Dave Smith 5 species 584.9 (not SFD member)
Kurt Beckley 5 species 557.3 37.91%
Jacob Chizzotti 4 species 483.45 32.88%
Tim Fitz 4 species 472.55 32.14%
Kade Beckley 4 species 436.55 29.69%
Nam Luong 2 species 235.45 (not SFD member)

155519718_3850475235010262_200035659476618144_n.jpg [ 43.4 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

157726380_3850475771676875_7483013142711094792_n.jpg [ 122.55 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

157189286_3850475415010244_4130802459152736096_n.jpg [ 120.11 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

157720907_3850475868343532_2110660804857632686_n.jpg [ 81.92 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

156589629_3850475535010232_6999240510567693295_n.jpg [ 114.58 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

156849614_3850475268343592_3181081772757674888_n.jpg [ 74.03 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

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157189280_3850475495010236_2366363530829314805_n.jpg [ 118.5 KiB | Viewed 175 times ]

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 Post subject: Re: State titles 2021
PostPosted: 09 Mar 2021, 17:21 
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Day 2 of Victorian State Titles was held at Koonya back beach. There wasn’t the almost glass out as predicted. A solid southerly wind had picked up over night coupled with the 16 second swell interval meant for a very rough dive. Many divers came in early and others had to have a mid dive test. Visibility varied from 1m to about 7m which made for some low scores.
Although there were trying conditions some divers still managed to pull some cracking catches including Blake’s 1.315kg snapper.
Rob ended up taking out the day with a solid bag of 10 species closed followed by Dean and Kim with 9 each. Blake followed up with 8.
Big thank you to those who helped organise the day and those who set up the weigh station. Thank you to the chef who kept the snags warm despite the rain.

Meritorious fish include: Whiting 735g (Kim) Warehou 570g (Rob) Red Cod 545g (Dean) Warehou 545g (Dean) Dusky 3985g (Kade) Blue throat 1640g (Kurt) Snapper 1315g (Blake) Dusky 4350g (Paul)

The final scores of the day are

Rob Torelli 10 species 1114.9pts
Dean Riddle 9 species 1048.65pts
Kim Adair 9 species 1047.7pts
Blake Riddle 8 species 902.8ps
Malachi Green 8 species 889.2pts
Dave Smith 8 species 882.6pts
Paul Dorfstatter 7 species 814.8pts
Chris Rogers 6 species 658.15pts
Spencer Gubbins 5 species 549.3pts
Kade Beckley 4 species 460.75pts
Kurt Beckley 4 species 435.86pts
Marcus Dorfstatter 3 species 321.9
Kaylah Charles 1 species 110.45pts
Odie’s Charles 1 species 104.1pts

Which means the overall scores are....

Kim Adair 2425.75pts Open Champion
Blake Riddle 2372.75pts
Rob Torelli 2366.4pts
Dean Riddle 2063.85pts
Malachi Green 2024.65pts Junior Champion
Chris Rogers 1690.2pts
Spencer Gubbins 1531.85pts
Dave Smith 1467.55pts
Marcus Dorfstatter 1325.5pts
Kurt Beckley 993.16pts
Stoj Pavlovski 910.35pts
Kade Beckley 897.3pts
Paul Dorfstatter 814.8pts
Cam Fitzpatrick 677.2pts
Jacob Chizzotti 483.45pts
Tim Fitzpatrick 472.55pts
Nam luong 235.45pts
Kaylah Charles 110.45pts Ladies champion
Odie Charles 104.1pts

Congratulations to Kim Adair for winning the State Titles. It was a hair line finish with the top 3 divers each taking 21 species over 2 days. Congratulations to Malachi Green from NSW for winning the Junior State Titles with an impressive score for only his second Vic comp.
Kaylah takes out her 3rd ladies Title in a row
Adreno Spearfishing have generously donated a couple of $50 vouchers for a mystery fish and most meritorious fish.

Most meritorious fish: Barber Perch 345g by Chris Rogers
Mystery fish (650g Blue Throat wrasse): Kade Beckley

Thank you to everyone who competed for without you this competition wouldn’t happen!

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 Post subject: Re: State titles 2021
PostPosted: 10 Mar 2021, 19:58 
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Congrats KIM!!

Blake stiff not to get most meritorious!!!


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