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About us | Southern Freedivers
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Spearfishing in Victoria since 1994

About us

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The Southern Freedivers Inc. is a not-for-profit spearfishing club, based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. At around ninety financial members we are a small but growing organisation who prides itself on safe, selective and sustainable spearfishing. In recent years our representation spearfishers has grown beyond the Melbourne metropolitan area with the Southern Freedivers now holding a seat on State-wide Recreational Fishing Roundtable Forum, which has given us the opportunity to positively contribute to Victoria’s recreational fishing future. Our membership ranks also contain some of Victoria’s preeminent fisheries researchers and marine scientists who have liaised with Fisheries Victoria on several key initiatives such as Victorian Abalone management and Southern Rock Lobster.

The club is very proactive when it comes to spearfisher and snorkeler safety with recent projects including the roll out of dive flag awareness signs at several key Victorian boat ramps, the inclusion of a diver flag safety advertisement in the 2010/2011 Recreational Fishing Guide and also participating in the Australian wide ‘Spearsafe’ initiative.

Club meetings are held first Tuesday night (Not Wed) at 8.00pm of every month. As per calender.

Location: 186 Station Street Edithvale - Victorian Gamefishing Club clubrooms.

First timers are welcome, so just turn up and start getting involved! Other competitions and social events occur as per the calendar found on the sidemenu.